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About Us

​At VIP, we partner with your child and you to achieve a positive difference in his learning journey by opening his mind and igniting his passion in learning.  Heightening his sense of awareness and developing mental toughness to conquer challenges in today's dynamic environment.

We guarantee the provision of quality tools and techniques, namely 6σFAST, to facilitate your child’s learning.  6σFAST has been proven effective. 


The fastest way to build a great track record is to cherry pick students that will guarantee good results.  We do not cherry pick students.  Your child will be able to achieve improvements like our students as long as your child and you partner us with trust, patience and mastery by deliberate practise on 6σFAST.

Meet our Tutor

PS IPHONE 20121015 013.JPG

John Yong

In 2008, I started VIP Learning Centre with Jene, focusing on offering interactive and value-adding curriculum in Math and Science.​

Founder/Lead Educator

MENSA member

B. Business (NTU)

Chartered Financial Analyst

​My passion in teaching Math grew as more and more parents and students reached out for my help.  Over the years, I have gained the reputation to coach students to achieve great results, and the skills to get my students to excel.

I do not cherry pick students for the sake of producing good results.  Students come with a wide array of skills levels. I believe that every child can count and counts.  My students' great results are testaments to our methodology's efficacy.

If you like to see positive differences in your child's problem-solving skills. Let's talk.

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