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Set your Child up for Academic Success!

At VIP Learning, we provide the most accurate, intuitive, and FASTest* method to help students tackle their exams

The             Learning Experience

With over 20 years' of experience specialising in PSLE to O Level Math, VIP Learning has helped thousands of students continuously improve and excel at their academics.

Ahead of the Curve

We teach ahead of the MOE syllabus and provide regular review sessions, giving our students a competitive advantage to score in exams.

Specialised Methods

Using our VIP FAST System provides students with the most efficient and intuitive methods to solve difficult questions with ease. 

Constant Support

On top of termly revision packages, our students can access our daily Telegram helpline, where we will help you with questions and conceptual clarifications throughout your school week!

Quality Teaching

With 20 years' of refinement and constantly adapting to the latest exam trends, we provide comprehensive coverage of all the tools your child needs to excel academically.

For those seeking improvement, and for those seeking


No student should struggle in school alone

So let us help.


At VIP Learning, our methods are specifically adopted to be efficient & clear, equipping students with the best tools needed to conquer their exams.

Don't just take our word for it.
Hear what others have to say


VIP's concept-focused curriculum helps us learn and master techniques more effectively as it helps focus and reduces confusion at school.

Dillon Sim (Chongfu) PSLE A*

Loh Lin (RGS) - PSLE A*

7Voon leon_edited.jpg

Voon Leon (Chongfu) PSLE A*

7Aryyan photo 1_edited.jpg

Arryan (Rulang Pri) - Math C to A

Vanness Ang (Northland) PSLE A*

Tricia with dad 1_edited.jpg

Tricia Yau (St. Nic) - PSLE A*

Using VIP methods, I was able to breeze through certain difficult Multi-Variable questions in my exams within 5 minutes, saving me lots of time and energy.

With VIP, I improved from 42 marks in P5 to 78 marks in P6 CA1! I have become more confident of myself and now I'm no longer afraid of Math!

I find some school methods very confusing so I like that VIP methods are highly reliable and extremely fast in solving complex questions even with tricky twist and turn.

There was a challenging question that took me 30 minutes to solve it.  After learning VIP’s Simultaneous Equation, I could solve it in 3 minutes!

VIP methods, such as Cross Multiply, are very flexible to handle complicated twist in question. I've even been asked by teachers to share VIP methods in class!

Our Success Stories

and many more:

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Updated as of 06/11/23

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