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Singapore Math,
The Six Sigma Way

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Dear Parent,


Has your primary school (P4-P6) child been experiencing difficulty in handling Math problem sums?


Has your child been experiencing difficulty in handling Math problem sums?


Has he been displaying anxiety, totally lost and confused when confronted with a "twisted" math questions?


Has he been using lengthy methods and struggling to complete all the questions during exams?


If so, let's reflect.


You see, methods like guess and check and many others can cause massive misery to your child, as lengthy, time-consuming and tedious workings tend to tire out and confuse your child and may lead to incorrect answer. Unfortunately, those methods exhaust too much time and leave very little time for the remaining questions. The lack of time usually lead to anxiety, and in a hurry, questions that your child can normally solve become difficult. Things fall apart as mental fatigue sets in and your child fall prey to careless mistakes.


Imagine your child having history repeating itself, being mentally exhausted, running out of time to complete the exam, and breaking down in exam as his confidence nose-dive in upcoming assessments.


Worry no more.  We have 6σFAST, being Fast, Accurate, Systematic and Target-Driven tools and techniques, reengineered by a MENSA member cum CFA and a Six Sigma Black Belt, formulated to help your child overcome the confusion and achieve significant improvement.


In preparation for the new academic year, let’s start by encouraging your child to pencil the following New Year resolution : -


I am going to achieve significant improvements, by using the fastest and sharpest problem-solving tools that I can systematically learn and execute with speed and accuracy.


So what's next? Action! Quickly call us at 81572729 for a workshop to witness your child’s experiencing the gratification of solving challenging questions using a few of the methods in our 6σFAST toolset.

Need more convincing evidence to act? Let's us share with you how Mrs Ho's actions turned Darren's life around.

Outstanding Transformation - Darren Ho

From F to B in PSLE Math in 5 months!

In May 2010, Mrs Ho called VIP for help.  Darren, her son, could not pass a single Math test or exam for more than one year, and was about to be demoted to Foundation Math.  The reason for his performance was that he has a Language Deficiency problem. 


Darren’s confidence in Math is so low that he would give up without even trying.  Mrs Ho felt hopeless but she refused to give up the search for help.  She approached some well-known learning centres to seek help, but they were more interested in catering to the above average students.  Fortunately, she found us. 


When I met Darren, he was downhearted, and he shared with me his agony over the seemingly fact that he will fail his PSLE exam.  Even the school teacher told him no point trying so hard since he had language deficiency problem.  I assured him that as long as he is willing to work hard, success is possible.


Darren started in May and PSLE will be happening in October.  Time was not on our side but Darren’s willingness to learn was encouraging.  Trusting and mastering 6σFAST, he became more confident in Math.  Darren found that 6σFAST has been helpful as it is systematic, making sense and easy to follow.  With the application of 6σFAST, Darren was actively building his new-found confidence while eradicating his old-school confusion even when solving difficult questions.


A few years gone by and Darren, with his new-found confidence, continued to flourish and emerged the top N Level student in his cohort.  He went on to complete his dream course "Biotech Engineering" at Singapore Polytechnic, with flying colours.  Darren is currently serving his National Service, and he is looking forward to continue his academic pursuit in Electronic and Electrical Engineering at Nanyang Technological University come 2021.


I believe he will continue to be successful in his future endeavours.

VIP Learning Centre

On PSLE results day, I received a call.  The caller was weeping.  Vaguely I heard the woman calling for me.  As the caller composed herself, I realized it was Mrs Ho.  Her emotions was overflowing …


Mrs Ho : “Mr Yong, not only did Darren pass his Math, he got a B!”

Oh! It was tears of joy!  Proud moment for Darren and Mrs Ho. 


I am proud of Darren.  He achieved success with his hard work in mastering 6σFAST effectively.  He proved that “I M POSSIBLE”, and that QUALITY matters in the face of adversity.



VIP Learning
VIP Learning
WhatsApp Image 2020-12-27 at
Darren's Transformation

Darren shares how he overcame setbacks to progressively achieve successes in his learning journey.

Such outstanding transformation!  So what is 6σFAST?

The Transformation


Singapore Math The Six Sigma Way

Singapore Math The Six Sigma Way

Six Sigma?  What has it to do with Math?


Well, technically Six Sigma is a rigorous problem-solving framework that work towards produce significant improvement by reducing performance variation.


The aim of Six Sigma performance is working towards reducing defects to only 3.4 defects out of a million opportunities.  Simply, Six Sigma Performance means out of a million marks, only 3.4 marks are deducted due to mistakes.  Reducing the million to how our child has been assessed based on a hundred marks, Six Sigma performance would mean no defects at all.  Perfect score.  Possible?  Of course!  Our students achieved it!

Tricia Yau

Tricia Yau







Feng Wei

Feng Wei





However, life is interesting as we are humans.  We must recognize that, unlike machines, there are variations in every human activity.  Scoring less than perfect score?  That's normal!  To produce consistent results consistently, effort is needed.

Your child may be in one of the following situation, assuming a target of 90 mark.


The aim of six sigma is to shift performance towards target mark and to reduce variation.  Basically, Six Sigma is about quality improvement towards target.

The Defect

Does the above look painfully familiar to your child and you?  The above are “defects” that your child may have made.


It is unwise to tiger-mum/dad children for zero defects.  On the other hand, our 6σFAST tools have been robustly designed to help eliminate unnecessary “defects” in their answers.


6σFAST tools and techniques are reengineered to address the defects and variation found from the Six Sigma DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyse, Improve and Control) continuous improvement framework.  DMAIC involves the following : -

Define - precisely defining the problem,

Measure - measuring its occurrence and effects,

Analyse - analysis of data to determine root causes,

Improve - improving the process

Control – control so the problem never comes back

The Defect

VIP Learning
VIP Learning

Does the above look painfully familiar to your child and you?  The above are “defects” that your child may have made.


It is unwise to tiger-mum/dad children for zero defects.  On the other hand, our 6σFAST tools have been robustly designed to help eliminate unnecessary “defects” in their answers.


6σFAST tools and techniques are reengineered to address the defects and variation found from the Six Sigma DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyse, Improve and Control) continuous improvement framework. 


DMAIC involves the following : -

Define - precisely defining the problem,

Measure - measuring its occurrence and effects,

Analyse - analysis of data to determine root causes,

Improve - improving the process

Control – control so the problem never comes back

DMAIC for Results


Cause and Effect Analysis

VIP Learning

From the Cause and Effect Diagram, the main cause contributing to the defects can be summarised as :


The lack of knowledge of

  • The variety,

  • The relevant, and

  • The fastest

method applicable to solve the problem sum quickly and accurately.


When the speed at which the answer can be completed is slow, in addition to poor quality in the answers, a low score is inevitable. 


Unfortunately, a child with low Math score tend to develop Math anxiety and a lower self-esteem.  Generally, most children are concern about their performance gap.  The bigger the performance gap, the greater development of an anxiety towards Math.  Ask any high achieving Math students and they will tell you their favourite subject is Math.  High score in Math equates to success and success equates to love for the subject.  


Since we have an understanding the main cause for the defect, the next step is most exciting part; taking concrete actions to eliminate the defects.


“Without knowledge action is useless and knowledge without action is futile.”


“If I had six hours to chop down a tree, I’d spend the first four hours sharpening the axe.”

Abraham Lincoln


Introducing 6σFAST, the suite of problem solving tools and techniques that has been formulated to address the cause of the defect and eliminate any associated variations to achieve excellent results at 6 sigma level.

VIP Learning

6σFAST, being Fast, Accurate, Systematic and Target-Driven tools and techniques, are reengineered with the force to eliminate defects.   6σFAST are formulated to be the sharpest and the fastest method, created by Mr John Yong, (MENSA member, Chartered Financial Analyst, Math Olympiad Trainer) and Ms Jene Wong (Six Sigma Black Belt, Data Management Professional, Change Agent)


6σFAST, once mastered, are guaranteed to melt away the confusion faced by your child. With mastery of 6σFAST, our students have proven to achieve significant improvements.



The Problem : Low score in Math


The Defect : Any answer with no score or low score





Voice of Customers (VOC)


“I hate Math!  I always have trouble in handling Math problem sums.”


“I will give up easily when a question twist and turn.”


“My daughter is unable to complete the Math papers in test and exams.”


“My child did a lot of practise papers but still struggle to achieve better result.”

Critical to Quality (CTQ)

DMAIC for Results

6σFAST  & The Results

With 6σFAST, our students achieved excellent results as they become FAST, ACCURATE, SYSTEMATIC & TARGET-DRIVEN



“VIP methods are very time-saving.  During the Math test, I finished one hour before the end time and scored 98 marks.”

Ashwin Ang, Northland Primary School

Score A* in PSLE 2017


“There was an Advanced Simultaneous question in the exam that stumped the whole class.  Everyone struggled and some of them spent more than half an hour, while I scored full marks in 5 minutes.”

Yap Jun Wei, Woodlands Primary School

Scored A* in PSLE 2013

“I tried to solve a Guess & Check problem using school method.  After much effort I managed to solve it in 10 minutes.  But by using VIP’s method, it took only 2 minutes!”

Lim Chee Yoong, Ahmad Ibrahim Primary School

Scored A* in PSLE 2016


“There was a certain Multi-Variable question that stumped me.  Using school method would take a long time and lots of effort.  But after learning VIP method, I breeze through such questions in less than 5 minutes.” 

Loh Lin, Northland Primary School

Scored A* in PSLE 2013

“There was a challenging question that took me 30 minutes to solve it.  After learning VIP’s Simultaneous Equation, I could solve it in 3 minutes!

Vanness Ang, Northland Primary School”

Scored A* in PSLE 2015

6σFAST demonstrate powerful actionable capability to shift performance towards target or to lessen deviation from target.  Our students had benefitted from 6σFAST.  6σFAST effectively solve their worry of low score in problem sum. 

Let's find out more about the methodology, the delivery mode and execution requirements that makes 6σFAST even more effective.

VIP Learning
VIP Learning
VIP Learning
VIP Learning
VIP Learning

6σFAST Method :  Target-Driven

Many children fret over tricky questions.  Children do not hate maths, they hate the confusion.


Following a clear and robust framework, your child will be exposed to our highly flexible methodology that, once mastered, will arm your child with effective 6σFAST to handle all kinds of twist and turn in questions with certainty and ease.


The common practice in school is that whenever a question twist around, a radically different method or approach is taught.  All roads lead to Rome.  Do we need to study all the roads?  No thank you.  Show us the fastest route clearly and let’s get there stress-free. 


Cross Multiply is one of the powerful 6σFAST tools that our students love as they find it simple and easy to apply on challenging questions.  Tricia mastered 6σFAST so well that she is often requested by school teachers to share 6σFAST with classmates when they could not handle the twist and turns presented in challenging problem sums.

"VIP methods, such as Cross Multiply, are very flexible to handle complicated twist in question, unlike school methods which are usually difficult to use.  I have been asked by school teacher to explain VIP methods to the class.”

Tricia Yau, CHIJ St Nicholas Girls' School

“Before joining VIP, I will give up easily when a question twist and turn. VIP taught me many wonderful methods that can solve complex questions even with tricky twist and turn. I find school methods hard to understand.  I must say that VIP methods are highly reliable and extremely fast to conquer all kind of problem sums.”

Aryyan, Rulang Primary School


VIP Learning
VIP Learning

6σFAST Delivery : 

Concept-Based Learning

VIP Learning
VIP Learning

Many students find Math confusing because they do not understand the underlying concept that traverse across different topics such as fraction, ratio and percentage.  Schools typically teach by topic.  But when it comes to problem sums, the presence of fraction or ratio is just a matter of presentation.  What is important for students is to really understand the true nature of the problem, or the concept underlying it.


Advantages of Concept-Based Learning


1.  Allows focus

Teaching one thing at a time adheres to thin-slicing in psychological sense, we can learn faster and retain the information longer.

2.  Allows faster mastery

Following “Brain Rules” that we can not multi-task in thinking.  It also allows faster mastery of subject matter



"Their teaching of 1 concept at a time provides focus and allow students to learn and master  the concept better than any other that we have found and especially able to clear up the confusion at school." 

Mr Sean Yau, Father of Tricia




"Teaching by Concept helps student learn and master techniques more effectively. Teaching 1 concept at a time makes a lot of sense to me. It provides focus and reduces confusion at school.  Under VIP, I scored A for PSLE Math"

Dillon Sim, Chongfu School

6σFAST Execution :  Change Management

VIP Learning
VIP Learning
VIP Learning

To further guarantee success when your child decides to register with us, please take note of the following caveat.

Your child will not improve if he fails to develop the following : -

  1.   Trust

  2.   Patience

  3.   Mastery by Deliberate Practice


This is a tall order for some.  Let’s understand how Voon Leong overcome his initial scepticism and achieve his A* for PSLE.



"Hi, I am Voon Leon from Chongfu School.

When I joined VIP 2 years ago, I did not like their methods.  I find it troublesome to have to learn new things which needed thinking.  I did not understand why we need to follow a thinking structure when doing problem solving.

After seeing other students getting good results, I decided to follow VIP way.  Then everything started to make sense.

VIP teaches me to think in a smart way and difficult questions become simple.  Even my school teacher accepts VIP’s methods because they are clearer and faster.


In fact, everyone can learn VIP way because they are so easy to follow.  I start to get good results, improving from 42 marks in P5 to 78 marks in P6 CA1 exam. I have become more confident of myself. 


Thanks to VIP, I am no longer afraid of math!”

Voon Leon further improved from 78 marks for his CA1 to 83 marks for his Premlims, and then A* in PSLE!  Credit goes to Voon Leon's willingness and his parents’, Mr and Mrs Peter Tay, trust and patience for Voon Leon’s achievement.  

Our Commitment

Our Commitment

We are committed to helping your child maximise his performance capacity.  We are able to fulfill our commitment because of the following : -

Dedicated Subject Matter
Focus on
Effective Learning
Application of Quality Tools & Techniques
Trusting Relationships

We adopt a progressive approach to helping your child excel.  We value and promote  interaction with your child and you, and ensure the best outcome can be achieved by your child. 

We have been successful because we have

  • 6σFAST, fast, accurate, systematic and target-driven tools that guarantee results*

We are proud to have

  • 6σFAST, recognised and accepted by school, and followed by school teachers

  • Teachers trusting us with their children


  • Siblings and cousins joining us

  • Children travelling as far as Tiong Bahru, Bedok and Harbour Front to our centre in Yishun

Voon Leon and Darren are 2 of our many inspirational stories that motivate our students and us.  Their achievements showcase the importance of Trust, Patience and Mastery by Deliberate Practice, on top of 6σFAST.



Our suite of tools and techniques have been proven to produce results.  No blind faith involved.  Come and understand 6σFAST for yourself.

Trust us when you have witnessed that we know our stuff and that we love what we do.  We are confident that a trusting relationship can be developed between us. 



Students and parents looking for quick fixes often left us before improvement in results become possible. 


Does your child have the staying power work for improvements?




Work hard in a smart way.  We believe in deliberate practice, which involves focused attempts to improve. 


There is no comfort in seeing children completing top-school papers with blank spaces and / or repeated mistakes.  Much time would have been wasted in this process.


Time is precious.  Come and experience with your child on how deliberate practice of 6σFAST can help your child save time.

We would love it if you have an open mind to come witness the effectiveness of 6σFAST.


To all our students who have achieve successes and their parents in the 2020 PSLE, Congratulations!

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